Outrage after historians discover that Anne Frank used the term ‘gammon’ to describe Nazi soldiers

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Loft-dwelling diarist Anne Frank is facing posthumous criticism today for her description of Nazi soldiers as ‘gammon’.

Her use of the overtly racist term ‘gammon’ was discovered within a few previously hidden pages in her famous diary, revealing her to be a total racist against middle-aged, red-faced members of the SS.

“Well this just goes to show that even someone like Anne Frank was capable of being racist against normal people like me,” insisted gammon-hued Daily Mail reader Simon Williams.

“I used to think she was a brave young lady, holed up in an attic in fear of her life, but now we find out that her diary is full of filthy inappropriate jokes and even the incredibly racist term ‘gammon’.

“She’s gone right down in my estimation. She’s clearly no better than all those cuck snowflakes out there on the Internet. If she was alive today she’d probably be just another loud-mouthed libtard.”

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Historians have insisted the phrase ‘Gammon’ has been used to describe frustrated middle-aged men impotent with rage for centuries, and that Frank’s use of the term was ‘culturally appropriate for the time’.

However, Williams remains staunchly offended by anyone using any term that likens him to a large ham joint.

He added, “What Anne Frank said about the members of the SS and Gestapo being a bit red in the face might have been true, but at the end of the day they just wanted to take back control of their country.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.”