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NewsThump is currently written by a small team of moderately talented ‘funny people’. That team grew from being very small by virtue of the unsolicited submissions we received back when the site launched many moons ago.

However, we are always looking for new talented and funny writers to join our team, so if you are interested in writing for NewsThump you can email an example article (200-250 word guideline) to us by completing the short form below.

We will read everything sent in to us, and we WILL get in touch if your piece shows promise, or if we’d like to use it on the site.  That’s the first step to joining the team, right there. Easy, isn’t it?

So what do you get out of it?  Well, if we use something you have submitted you will get a byline on the article, and you will receive a 60% share of any advertising revenue generated by your article after we’ve covered the site’s running costs.

Please be aware that since late 2020, changes to social media algorithms have vastly reduced our page views, and therefore our ad revenue.  As such, it’s entirely possible your article won’t generate any revenue at all.  It’s crap, but we just want to be transparent about that. We’re not owned by some stock-exchange listed company, so if we’re not making any money, there are no profits to share with you.

If you still want to join the team, use the form below.

  • It is essential that your submission is completely original. Please do not lift or ‘borrow’ ideas from Twitter and other websites, we will notice!

NewsThump Submissions form

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  • Please don't use AOL, Yahoo, talktalk or Tiscali email addresses, as they always get marked as spam, sorry!
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