Comedian in hi-vis vest promises more madcap humour

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A slapstick comedian famous for making a fool of himself in a hi-vis vest has promised even more buffoonery and chaotic comedy moments over the months and years to come.

Madcap comic, Boris Johnson, 58, will headline the COVID enquiry that launches this week, with the former PM expected to have audiences rolling in the aisles with accounts of his awful decision-making and morally dubious actions during the pandemic. 

“Viggo Venn may have captured the nation’s heart last night on BGT, but let’s remember Bojo had been doing the whole ‘making a dick of yourself in hi-vis’ act for years as prime minister,” noted ITV’s entertainment correspondent Simon Williams.  

“Johnson was your traditional all-round variety performer – he could be a bellend on a factory shopfloor, a hospital ward or a building site,” 

“During the pandemic though, he definitely took his act to another level. Not attending any COBRA meetings. Hilarious. Repeatedly breaking social restriction rules. Side Splitting. And being at the top of a totally incompetent and inept government during the worst pandemic for generations. I mean, I am literally crying here.

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“Those catchphrases too. ‘We were just following the science’; ‘Eat out to Help Out’; ‘Nobody told me it was against the rules’. All absolutely brilliant.

“I’m sure the nation can’t wait to see what comedy gold is in his Whatsapp messages. Maybe something about ‘letting the bodies pile high’, or encouraging people to have chickenpox parties and develop herd immunity?

“As for his trademark song – One more time? Please, God, no, anything but that.”

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