McDonald’s to slash energy costs by only heating hot apple pies to 4000°C

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McDonald’s has announced plans to cut energy costs by limiting the temperature of its hot apple pies to 4000 celsius. 

With news emerging earlier that Mcdonald’s is to raise the price of some items in order to combat rising energy costs, further news has now emerged that they will also be limiting the temperature of their hot apple pies to just 4000°C in order to save on expenditure. 

A spokesperson for the fast food giant confirmed, “It should save us millions.

“Do you know how expensive it is to ensure all of our hot apple pies are the same temperature as the surface of the Sun? Very. It’s very expensive. This is why from tomorrow, we will be limiting the temperature of our hot apple pies to slightly below that of the surface of the sun.

“We apologise to our customers in advance, and in particular to hot apple pie fans who enjoy running the risk of first-degree burns every time they remove one from its packaging.

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“Obviously, the pies will remain far too hot to place anywhere near your mouth for a number of hours after purchase, but will now be considerably cooler than usual at just 4000°C on average.

“We’ve got to save some money what can we do?” 

Asked if they will continue using thousands of tons of salt on their fries to create the illusion of ‘taste’, we were told, “Of course. Sometimes you just can’t cut corners.”