‘No, where are you REALLY from’, Royal Family repeatedly asked

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The entire House of Windsor has been said to be left feeling humiliated today, after being repeatedly questioned about their ethnic background. 

Man-in-waiting-room, Simon Williams, is said to have quizzed King Charles about his heritage at a charity event, in an exchange the monarch later described as ‘more excruciating than an interview with Nicholas Witchell’.

“The House of Saxe Cobourg and Gotha…where’s that then, mate, is it South of the River?” Williams is said to have asked Charles on meeting him at the event.

After being told by the King that he was actually born in Buckingham Palace, and brought up in London and Windsor, Williams is said to have got up a Wikipedia page on his iPhone showing the Windsor family tree tracing back the Royal House to multiple German dynasties, as well as the Danish House of Oldenburg. 

“Says here that your lot changed their name to Windsor in 1917 amidst anti-German sentiment, what’s that all about then? I mean, I know you said you were born in London, but where are you really from?” Williams is said to have continued, before being rapidly escorted out of the event.

“There’s no place for racism in Buckingham Palace,” said King Charles afterwards.

“At least, not since my old man passed away anyway.”