Man who describes himself as a ‘film buff’ mainly likes James Bond and Carry On

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A man who likes to tell people he ‘loves his cinema’ basically just watches totally mainstream franchise movies.

Simon Williams is a bit of a film buff. We know this because he said so.

“Yeah, I watch at least one film a day,” he said. “I actually consider films to be a form of art, even though there’s no paint or crayons or anything.

“I’ve recently been binging the James Bond series. Not just the new ones but going right back to, like, the eighties. I don’t mind older movies because I’m such a film buff.”

So would Simon say his tastes are quite mainstream?

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“No, not at all! Call me a hipster, but my favourite Bond is Dalton, and the best Bond film is The Living Daylights.”

As a film buff, Simon probably enjoys a range of international cinema?

“Oh yeah, some of those Japanese Horror films are amazing. Obviously I wait for the American remakes because they’re more exciting and don’t have those stupid subtitles.”

But it’s mainly expensive Hollywood productions that Simon watches?

“No, no – I also like a low-budget Brit-flick. Have you heard of the Carry On films? Probably not because they’re quite niche, but I know about them because I’m such a film buff.

“I don’t watch the black and white ones – they’re shit – but most of them are really clever – people saying things that aren’t rude but which sound a bit rude, that sort of thing.

“God, listen to me – pretentious film buff wanker!”