‘Judge my actions not my wealth’ says man whose actions include breaking the law and supporting Boris while secretly plotting to replace him

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Rishi Sunak has urged the British public to judge his actions and not his wealth after his actions saw him publicly support an incompetent Prime Minister whilst breaking the same law he did and secretly plotting to replace him.

With the Tory leadership contest now down to six remaining cun… sorry candidates, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak has insisted today that he should be judged on his character and his actions, which include turning a blind eye to his wife exploiting tax loopholes, breaking the law during lockdown, and lying to a Prime Ministers face about supporting him. 

Speaking earlier he told us, “I should be judged by what I do, and not my wealth, which is a LOT of money by the way.

“Such as my actions in setting up a website to launch my bid to become Prime Minister, whilst the current Prime Minister was in power and had no intention of resigning.

“And standing in front of TV cameras supporting an incompetent buffoon, whilst secretly hoping he would be sacked so I could take over myself.

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“And breaking lockdown rules while the rest of you struggled at home deprived of contact with loved ones.

“And defending my billionaire wife who exploited tax loopholes in this country whilst everyone else was struggling financially, and pretending I knew nothing about her business.”

Asked if he feels that with his extreme wealth he can relate to the voting public in any way at all, and even remotely understand their lived experiences, he told us “Yes, definitely, the bloody service on my Bentley cost a bomb last week!”

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