John Lewis Christmas advert currently stuck at Felixstowe Port

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John Lewis has revealed that this year’s Christmas advert is currently stuck inside Felixtsowe Port and may not be here for Christmas.

With everything needed for Christmas currently stuck in the port, and Christmas about to be ruined, bosses at John Lewis have also revealed that their much-anticipated tear-jerker of a Christmas advert, which will try to get you to buy gifts that won’t be available to buy, is now also stuck on a boat.

A Spokesperson for John Lewis revealed, “Yes, the advert, like everything else is currently stuck at the port in Felixtowe.

“Everybody looks forward to the John Lewis advert at Christmas, so they have a nice good cry before deciding what gifts to buy from Boots on 3 for 2, or what food they will be getting from Aldi.

“But this year, like everything else needed for Christmas, it’s just stuck on some container ship in Felixstowe. Sorry about that.

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“Obviously we will be trying our best to get the advert out in time to try to bring some Christmas spirit to the nation, however, it won’t make much difference anyway because everything you see on the advert won’t be available to buy because it will all be stuck in Felixstowe.”

Asked when it is likely they will receive most of the Christmas stock we were told, “Probably March”