Euro 2012 racists admit they must ‘improve’ after waiting two days for UEFA rebuke

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Racists across Ukraine and Poland have admitted they need to ‘up their game’ after their latest outbursts at a Dutch training session took two days to be acknowledged by Uefa officials.

Despite chanting at black players in front of Dutch team officials, spectators, reporters and television cameras, the delay in any official acknowledgment from Uefa has left racist groups insisting they will try harder in future.

White supremacist Mikael Thomset told us, “We did our best, but it was a training session, and we’re not all match-fit yet. I’m sure that when the tournament starts proper you’ll see us in fine voice and at the centre of Uefa’s attention.”

“I would urge the racists across Europe not to discount us just yet. Behind closed doors we’re working hard and once that whistle goes, we will be ready, you can rest assured of that.”

Euro 2012 racism claims

Uefa president Michel Platini has defended his organisation’s stance, insisting that racism is not an issue at Euro 2012, at least not until he hears the words ‘cheese-eating’ or ‘surrender-monkey’.

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He told reporters, “There is a very subtle different between shouting abuse at the ‘black bastard’ and the ‘bastard in the black’, and we have to be sure we’re not misinterpreting perfectly harmless vituperation due to language or cultural differences.”

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “Nothing about Uefa’s stance on racism surprises me these days, I think the only way we’ll ever see them stand up to it properly is if one of their major sponsors is outed as being ‘black’.”

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