hackers to blackmail you over your Westlife listening record

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Hackers behind the breach of have insisted they know exactly how often you listen to Westlife, and they’re not afraid to publish it.

The music service has yet to confirm the breach, though millions of terrified users are already panicking that the music they listen to in the privacy of their own home might be made public.

Music fan Simon Williams told us, “I like proper bands and musicians, but the fact that I had Flying without Wings on repeat a few weeks ago was a research project. Into creative torture methods.”


“That said, if we could come to some sort of arrangement which means we keep this between us, then I’m all ears.”

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Other users have begun visiting their accounts to check how bad any potential leak might actually be.

Mark McTavish spent the morning looking through his listening history, before telling us, “I knew listening to that James Blunt album would come back to haunt me one day.”

“I assumed it would be in the form of night terrors, but this is bad, too.”

“It was a mistake I made when I was young and I only hope my friends and family will be able to look past this indiscretion and remember the type of person I actually am.”

“But I’m denying that Justin Bieber album, the hackers must have listened to that themselves.”