Liz Truss’s comeback ‘Manna from heaven’ insist satirists

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Satire and caption writers across the UK are rubbing their hands at the prospect of mocking Liz “low-hanging fruit” Truss’s comeback.

2022’s shortest-serving prime minister handed out free, Donald Trump-inspired ammo to her naysayers at the Conservative Party conference yesterday.

Standing in front of a backdrop upon which was festooned the commendably stupid slogan, “Make Britain Grow Again,” humorists found themselves with an average of 435.27 alternate slogans that would be an absolute piece of piss to have edited into Truss’s blatant Trump-rip-off. 

These included: 

“Make Britain Groan Again”
“Make Britain Recoil in Shame Again”
“Make Britain Snigger Again”
“Make Britain Deride Me Again”
“Make Britain Slow Again”
“Make Britain Grow a Huge Beanstalk for me to climb and never be seen . . . Again”
“Make Sure Britain Forgets Me Again”
“Shake Britain’s Self-esteem Again”

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With several “hundred thousand” more piss-takes of the slogan available, satirists believe they will be feasting on “easy pickings” for at least the rest of the week, while some are rumoured to have urged the Nobel prize committee to add a “Lowbrow Humour” award to their regimen, just so they can put Truss’s slogan writer up for its inaugural prize.

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