‘If you ignore all the times you mentioned crumbling schools, then you’ve never mentioned crumbling schools’ Sunak tells Starmer

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Rishi Sunak has struck a serious blow to his political opponent by pointing out he never mentioned crumbling schools before the current crisis, if you ignore all the times he mentioned crumbling schools before the current crisis.

Using Prime Minister’s Questions to point out that Starmer didn’t care about school buildings until it was politically convenient, Sunak went on to say his point makes much more sense if you ignore the times Starmer has mentioned crumbling schools.

Sunak told MPs, “The Labour leader would have you believe that crumbling schools are something he cares about deeply, but if that were true, then why did he only mention them for the first time this week.

“And don’t go showing me his keynote eduction speech earlier this summer in which he specifically talked about crumbling schools, I mean apart from that. Apart from that time when he specifically drew attention to the issue, in a major speech, when did he ever care about it?

“This is Labour all over, no substance, just but political opportunism, leaping onto a big issue and trying to use the words they previously used on the subject to make it look like they’ve previously spoken on the issue.

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“Well we won’t fall for it, and neither will the voters!”

Voters have insisted that if Rishi Sunak wants people to ignore the evidence of their eyes and ears when they see Keir Starmer discussing crumbling schools back in July, then he should at least have the balls to full George Orwell and launch a Ministry of Truth.

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