Tucker Carlson reveals exclusive interview with homeless man who says he and Joe Biden fellated a unicorn

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Tucker Carlson has used his Twitter TV show to reveal and exclusive interview that he claims with blow the presidential election wide open.

Trailers are already running for the explosive interview, in which 48-year-old Chuck Williams explains a night of unbridled passion with Joe Biden and a unicorn.

In the clip, Williams tells Carlson, “This was the late 90’s, I was doing a lot of drugs back then, and one night I met this guy and this unicorn, and the unicorn was all charming and shit, and before I knew it, we were both blowing him like crazy.

“It was a wild night, but honestly, I hadn’t thought about it for years, until I saw Joe Biden running for president, and that’s when I realised, HE’S the guy that blew the unicorn with me. It was HIM!

“Yes, it was twenty-five years ago, sure, but you never forget the face of the man who blew a unicorn with you. Those things stay with you forever.”

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Tucker went on to explain how the mainstream media and FBI will no doubt do their best to cover up this latest scandal involving the Democrats.

In closing the clip, Carlson tells viewers, “These are the truths no one wants you to hear, but you can rest assured I will always be willing to bring these shocking revelations directly into your homes. And if you are a homeless person with a drug problem, and you’ve had a sexual encounter with a fantasy being and a high-profile Democrat, then I definitely want to hear from you.

“Good night and God bless America.”

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