’16-year-olds are too easily manipulated to be allowed the vote’, insists man who believes Daily Mail headlines

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A man who believes pretty much everything he reads on the Internet – including that Britain is a Sharia state, Brexit is going swimmingly, and that the country is currently being ‘invaded’ by dinghy-riding migrants – also believes that teenagers are far too easily duped to be allowed to vote, he has confirmed.

Derek Williams, who regularly shares content from a variety of sources, including Infowars, GB News and Jordan Peterson, worries that the democratic process might be undermined or devalued by allowing ‘gullible and easily led’ teenagers near the ballot box.

“It needs a calm, thinking, mature mind to develop the critical faculties to filter out obvious and blatant misinformation,” he told us, “I read that in an article on Wings Over Scotland.

“Kids today are so easily manipulated – just look how many of them took to the streets to protest climate change, all because a few dodgy newspaper articles pretended it was a ‘real thing’.

“Can we really trust our democracy to people with that level of critical thinking? To get on this world you need to be able to think for yourself and agree with me on everything.

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“I have worked very hard to avoid being duped by any obvious scams – I can see them a mile away, and I’m very pleased to say that according to the Daily Express, I’m far too clever for a bunch of freewheeling shysters to get one over.

“It’s just a shame more of today’s kids aren’t exactly like me.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader) – get the mug here!