Prince William seeks unification bout with Tyson Fury after ‘easy’ Harry knockout

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Prince William’s next fight is likely to be a heavyweight boxing unification bout against Tyson Fury, sources have revealed. 

The news comes after the Prince’s straightforward knockdown victory over brother Harry came to light today, in the fight now being called the ‘Heir versus the Spare’.  

“William’s pedigree is unquestionable,” said royal boxing promoter Nicholas Witchell.

“Against Harry, he really lived up to his ‘Malice from the Palace’ nickname, taking Harry down with a devastating jab in the first round, pushing him backwards and ripping his necklace right off.

“You can hear William shout ‘Put this in your next Netflix documentary, loser’, as his brother hit the Windsor canvas, before he heads back victoriously to his corner to be towelled down lovingly by Catherine.”

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“A tie against Fury will be a mouth-watering encounter,” continued Witchell. 

“Tyson has the WBC belt, but William has more titles than Blockbuster video and the sharpest right hook I’ve seen since the Queen lost it one day during her Annus Horribilus.”