Truss accuses environmentalists of bigoted ‘anti-earthquakism’ as she rushes through Fracking Bill

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Liz Truss has hit back at campaigners against lifting the Fracking Ban, labelling their anti-natural disaster stance as the worst kind of woke virtue signalling.

The new prime minister continued, “I was told there was a moratorium on Fracking, and after it was explained to me what a moratorium was, and after it was explained a second time, I immediately sought to lift it because, frankly, objections like ‘my water tastes of diesel mixed with soil water mixed with more diesel’ simply do not pay the bills.”

Highlighting the seriousness of the situation Truss reiterated, “In a time where people can’t afford to heat their houses, it is right that some northern, Labour constituents should risk their houses being violently shaken apart for the common good.

“The loony-left environmental hegemony demanding we maintain ‘stable ground’ is an unaffordable privilege which must end.”

When quizzed on the timing of lifting the ban during a period of national mourning, a Downing Street spokesperson for Truss confirmed, “I don’t want to generalise, but anyone against this bill basically hated the Queen.

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“There’s a time and place for objections to these plans, and that time is after the Queen’s funeral has left the news cycle and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.”

He added, “Honestly, we have a few other morally cancerous policies to rush through so we might have to brief the police to vigorously enforce mourning for another few days.”

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