Black Pringles to be released just in time for snacks during Queen’s funeral

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Wondering about appropriate snacks for the royal funeral? Kellogg’s have got you covered.

The food giant owns and manufactures the popular crisps, Pringles, and will be releasing a special black pringle just in time for the Queen’s funeral, to allow viewers to snack with respect.

“It’s the classy thing to do” confirmed Head of Marketing, Simon Williams.

“The Pringles are the regular ready salted flavour, but in a respectful black colour. We can only assume that’s what her majesty would have wanted.”

“God bless her. Unlike our typical Pringle consumer, once she popped, she very much stopped.

“…oh Christ, don’t write that, I’ll get arrested.”

Hayley Rice, a fan of the Queen and snacks, said “Oh thank God.

“I’ve been AGONISING over what to do about food during the funeral… like… it’s going to go on for a WHILE, but it doesn’t feel like an event where popcorn or chicken wings would be appropriate.

“Do you know how few black foods there are and how EXPENSIVE they are? It’s basically olives, blackberries and caviar… and that’s kind of it, unless I burn some meat on purpose for a change.

“Now we can munch through the tears with respect. Thank you, Pringles!”