Brits torn between the sadness of mourning the Queen and the absolute delight of a lovely queue

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Brits are torn today between the sadness of mourning the death of the Queen and absolutely loving a nice bit of queuing up. 

With hundreds of thousands of people paying their respects to the Queen who is lying in state in Westminster Hall, mourners have been expressing their deep sorrow at the loss of their Monarch amongst the sheer joy at being part of a good old British queue. 

Royalist Simon Williams, who has been queuing for seventeen hours told us, “This is the best queue ever!

“Obviously I am deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty the Queen and really feel a huge sense of loss, both personally, and for the nation.

“But seriously, have you seen the size of this queue? It’s amazing. I am absolutely loving it.

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“I mean everyone knows that us Brits love a good queue, but this is off the charts man, it’s fucking incredible.

“I really felt that I needed to come here and pay my respects to the Queen at this very emotional time.

“And also to join this frigging massive queue because I just really love standing in really long lines of people.”

Fellow mourner Hayley Rice, three miles further back from Williams confirmed, “This is the best day ever.”

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