Teachers celebrate as new £30k salary almost brings them up to the hourly minimum wage

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Teachers are ecstatic that the government’s cynical and empty pre-election pledge of raising their salaries to £30k will finally almost bring them up to the national minimum wage for each hour of their work.

A teacher, Simon Williams, said, “I almost missed this news as I was working all hours and only got told by my wife – the government special advisor who works from 10am until 3pm every day, except Fridays, and has just got another ‘free’ 5-week holiday – just saw it on the news.

“This is great news for us all. Finally, as we’re expected to work 38-hours a day, 12 days a week to get all the paperwork done, before we even actually do any teaching, this takes us up to about £4.22 an hour.

“I’d go out and celebrate but I’ve got to do some lesson plans and it’s already 2am.

“So, I’m ahead of schedule.”

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