Anti-vax bellends somehow worried about creating children as amazing as Greta Thunberg

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Anti-vax arseholes responsible for the coming measles pandemic are of the opinion that large scale infant mortality problems are better than creating a generation of highly-intelligent autistic children capable of understanding basic science.

Despite the link between the MMR vaccine and autism being utterly discredited more than twenty years ago, idiots the world over are still insisting a dead kid is better than a clever one who can formulate coherent arguments and deliver them in a second language.

And anti-vaxxers insist workplaces of the future will become plagued by measles-free highly-motivated individuals who can do the work of three people, but don’t share their penchant for wittering on about the Game of fucking Thrones.

Instead, Greta Thunberg’s latest utterances about impending climate catastrophe have sent fuckwits from Land’s End to John O’ C*nting Groats reaching for the familiar comfort blanket of dodgy science backed by right-wing arseholes.

Anti-vax fan, Simon Williams, said, “We don’t need these uppity, on-the-spectrum Scandinavians ruining The One Show with their facts.

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“The last thing I want is for my ankle-biters to achieve a double first from Oxford, demonstrate amazing integrity and then establish a world-changing political movement – all before the age of eighteen, especially if it means they’ll beat me at chess.

“My own unvaccinated offspring are currently very poorly and as thick as pig shit to be frank, but the upside is they’ve yet to answer back and are never awkward in social situations – like the pub.”

He added, “I just want my children to be able to look me in the eye and tell me I’m a stupid c*nt.”