New study shows that the dinosaurs were wiped out by starvation, due to Dexit

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Scientists studying the site of a meteorite strike on Earth 66 million years ago, which destroyed the dinosaurs, have revealed that they have found a number of prehistoric, dino-polling stations in the rock.

Top palaeontologist Simon Williams told us today that it seemed that the mass extinction could have been needlessly self-driven.

“We can’t be sure at the moment but, from what we’ve found up until now, it seems very likely that the dinosaurs decided that they wanted to leave the fertile areas, such as forests and grassy plains, because they were sick of all of the mammals and insects being attracted by the benefits that these areas offered.”

“We believe that, despite there being enough food and space for everyone to share, the dinosaurs voted by a small minority to move into colder and more swampy environments that were unsuitable for mammals.

“Unfortunately, they were even less suitable for dinosaurs and most of them immediately froze to death, starved or sank into the mud shouting defiantly that they ‘wouldn’t have changed a fucking thing’.

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“We have also discovered a new, strange looking species, the Yellavestasaurus, which has been found preserved in peaty swamps and inexplicably died with a clenched fist and a smug look on its face.

“All of this proves to us that, although the dinosaurs seemed to have a civilised and organised society, their attitude towards others was so intolerant, that they effectively committed suicide rather than integrate.

“It’s so refreshing to see that 66 million years of evolution has changed all of that.”