Donald Trump launches tirade against Black Friday after mistaking it for act of mass civil disobedience

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Donald Trump took to Twitter today to condemn an annual cut-price shopping event, believing it to be a nationwide protest co-ordinated by minority groups he’s not particularly fond of.

The tweets, which started at 3am, read as follows;

@realDonald Trump – see those losers #blacklivesmatter are at it again with #blackfriday. So unfair!

@realDonaldtrump just spoke to @davidduke -tells me police expecting alt left mobs with clubs. horrible day! Such losers! #BlackFriday

@realDonaldtrump I love the passion of Americans but this is totally one-sided, biased day! Equal time for us? #whitewednesday

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@realdonaldtrump just found out #blackfriday is a shallow capitalist festival. I bigly approve!

@realdonaldtrump tremendous spending expected on #black Friday. Economy looking great!

@realdonaldtrump pathetic liberals now calling me racist over #blackfriday should know that no one has more
Respect for the blacks than me. NO ONE.

Reports from inside the camp that the president might now be on an enforced Twitter time out could not be confirmed.