Thursday 30 March 2017 by Mike

White House denies conflict between environmental policy and Trump’s new ‘International Ark & Casino’

Trump on environment

The White House today strongly refuted claims that Trump Inc’s plans to build a fleet of luxury seagoing vessels, capable of withstanding biblical era flooding, could influence the President’s commitment to reducing global warming.

“This is typical FAKE NEWS,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer angrily told reporters.

“Just because applications for places on the Ark have been flooding in – they’re doing so well, really great – doesn’t mean that it will have any effect on the President’s plans for the country’s environmental policies.

“It is frankly insulting to suggest that a dramatic rise in profit levels, causing his bank accounts to reach bursting point, could in any way serve to distract him from his duty to serve the American People.

“The President remains confident that when the people learn the details of his plan, all concerns will rapidly melt away.”

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