Brexiter who was furious at EU telling him what to do now pretty keen on telling you what to do

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Being told what to do and how to think is only a bad thing if it is being done by faceless EU bureaucrats, according to many Brexiters this morning.

They have explained that expressing the voice of dissent is a patriotic duty, unless you are disagreeing with Brexit in any way shape or form – in which case you’re a ‘libtard snowflake’ who needs to ‘get over it’.

“Finally we are free of the EU attempts to control the way we think and the way we live our lives,” explained Brexiter Simon Williams.

“And I am celebrating like any good patriot, by going online and telling people how to think and how to live their lives.

“Brexit means we Brits have the freedom to do as we please, and that means me telling you to do as I say.

“No, I do not see any irony whatsoever in loudly criticising an organisation as being overly controlling before seeking to quash any opinion that might differ from my own.

“I don’t think you understand, we won and you lost, so you need to get over it.

“No, I’m not angry – shut up – I couldn’t be happier, actually.”

However, one expert in human behaviour told us that “you don’t have to have a psychology degree to spot that no, actually, he could be happier.

“Happy people don’t go around the Internet posting comments telling people to ‘get with the programme or fuck off out of our country’.


“I’m beginning to think people like this can only be truly happy if everyone agrees that they are brilliant, never questions anything they say, and loudly proclaims they are absolutely right about everything, all of the time.

“If only there was a name for a society that runs along those lines.”