Colleague who ‘jokingly’ asks for Gin & Tonic instead of tea actually a raging alcoholic

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A colleague who hilariously answers ‘gin & tonic’ when offered a hot drink at work is actually a raging alcoholic, it has emerged.

Simone Williams, a 46-year-old business support manager from Dagenham, regularly causes a stir with her quick-witted response to the question ‘can I get anyone a drink?’.

Her dry sense of humour never fails to amuse colleagues irrespective of the time of day or number of times she rolls out her highly original gag.

Simone’s colleagues would often go along with the joke responding in agreement with her quip – “I thought it was hilarious” said Linda her friend and Business Support Assistant.

“I would be like ‘ooh yeah, a gin & tonic, wouldn’t that be nice. That would go down a treat right now’.”

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However, it became apparent to Linda that Simone wasn’t actually joking. “I would come back in with a cup of PG tips and she would say things like ‘oh, are we out of tonic?’.

“I would laugh along but then I noticed she had a drawer full of lemons and would begin slurring at around half-three every day.

“It’s such a shame, someone should really have a word with her and explain that I make really great tea.”