Chilcot Report to be published after finally agreeing suitable ending with publishers

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Sir John Chilcot’s report into the Iraq War will finally be published on 6th July after finally agreeing an ending with the book’s publishers, HM Government.

Sir John has struggled with this work despite his best-selling reports of the past, each of which was published to critical acclaim.

His co-authorship of The Butler Report, in which Butler literally did it, was highly controversial but rocketed Chilcot into the top echelon of stellar fiction authors such John Grisham, Dan Brown and Roger Hargreaves.

He admits himself that he has struggled with this difficult second report, claiming that ‘interference from the publishers’ has resulted in the enormous delay since it was commissioned in 2009.

In the first draft, the depiction of ‘Sir’ Tony Blair was in particular derided for its ‘derivative’ characterisation, with the editors claiming ‘that’s what everyone thinks of him already – we need to surprise them by making him out to not be a war criminal’.

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Chilcot himself said, “The consequences of this report have to be considered carefully.

“I’m only going to end up seriously disappointing most people, regardless of what I say in this deeply sanitised version of events.

“And, also, I get £790 a day to write this work of fiction. Who’s going to subsidise me after I stop?!”