Sadiq Khan shared platform with Hans Gruber, claims Zac Goldsmith

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Zac Goldsmith has launched a last-ditch bid to secure the London mayoralty by claiming that rival candidate Sadiq Khan once shared a platform with Hans Gruber.

Mr Goldsmith, who has previously accused Mr Khan of creating Scrappy Doo in an attempt to destabilise Mystery Incorporated, made the claims in an article for the Daily Mail.

He has received strong criticism for the article after it was illustrated with a picture of an explosion at Nakatomi Plaza in 1988.

In the piece, he said a victory for Sadiq Khan would see control of the capital city handed to a Labour Party “that thinks fictional criminal masterminds are its friends.”

“Gruber was thrown out of Volksfrei West for being too radical,” wrote Mr Goldsmith.

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“Not only did Khan share a platform with Gruber, but also his leading savage henchman Karl.

“A Labour win would mean aggressive socialism was entering Britain through the back door, shooting the guard, going up to the 30th floor and securing those inside as hostages.”

Mr Khan has dismissed the claims as “ridiculous”.

“Much like Hans Gruber, Zac Goldsmith is using terrorism as a distraction from his real aim of stealing $640 million in bearer bonds that are kept in London’s vault,” he said.