Laughter does little for erectile dysfunction, insist sufferers

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After medical researchers presented new evidence suggesting that laughter is indeed the best medicine, sufferers of erectile dysfunction insisted that if anything, it made the situation worse.

The researchers at the University of Oxford found that a loud guffaw not only makes you feel better, but generates a measurable physiological effect.

“Oh not it doesn’t,” countered impotence sufferer Dave Williams, 42.

“My wife read this article and she’s done nothing but giggle at my flaccid member for two whole days straight.”

“I think it’s fair to say that by an measure you choose to mention, laughter is really not helping my situation. If anything, it’s making matters worse – I think it’s actually trying to crawl back up inside me.”

Laughter medicine

A spokesperson for the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation criticised the research, claiming there are enough jokes made at their expense as it is without the public being encouraged to generate more.

“Our members are encouraged to try relaxation techniques and prolonged foreplay, not ask their partners to point at it and cackle like a bloody hyena.”

“Let me assure you, the best medicine comes via prescription.  Though a see-through negligee doesn’t hurt.”