Roald Dahl’s family launch appeal to preserve his swimming pool and new kitchen extension

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The family of late children’s author Roald Dahl have launched an appeal to raise funds to renovate the swimming pool in the grounds of the family house and build a large kitchen extension, without which the author’s legacy may fade, they claim.

“The swimming pool, actually built five years after his death, is just where he would have wanted it,” explained one family member.

“And had it been installed during his lifetime he would certainly have enjoyed a relaxing dip, probably right after finishing writing one of his famous books, such as Fantastic Mr Fox.”

“We feel that fans everywhere will agree that it is important to get the pool refurbished and brought back to the condition it would have been during the author’s life, had he decided to have a jacuzzi added to a pool which would be built soon after his death.”

Roald Dahl fundraising

Some critics of the campaign have suggested that Dahl’s family should use some of their incredible wealth to fund the project, particularly the planned kitchen extension which will see the current facility extended by 20 square metres and fitted with the latest Danish white goods.

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However, the family insist that the late author, had he been asked on his death bed, would almost certainly have spoken of his desire to increase the house’s catering capacity as part of his legacy.

If the family raise sufficient money they also hope to have an exact replica of the pool installed in Crawley, where the public will be able to go and literally immerse themselves in Dahl’s hypothetical bathing place, rather than coming anywhere near the actual house itself.

“We’re pretty sure this is just what he would have wanted,” insisted a family spokesman.

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