Hampshire school suspects entirely literate pupil ‘is an adult’

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A school in Hampshire has suspended a pupil after his literacy, vocabulary and unwillingness to use text speak led to concerns that he might be an adult.

The Petersfield School says Prince Summerfield from Liphook acts much older than 14, and sent him home until he can begin to act like every other 14 year-old they see.

A school governor told us, “What we’re looking at here is someone pretending to be 14, who looks, sounds, and speaks like a coherent human being.  It’s a pretty poor cover to be honest.”

“I’ve spent my career working with fourteen year-olds, I know what they’re like.  And they’re not attentive, polite and erudite. He was clearly an imposter.”

“I know he’s from Africa, but if he’d made just a little more effort to spell things wrong, behave in a surly manner to teachers, or spend every break playing on his phone then we might have believed he belongs in the UK education system.”

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School pupil ‘is an adult’

His mother has defended her son, claiming the school is being discriminatory just because he wants to learn and isn’t obsessed by reality television.

She said, “He is not an adult, he just hasn’t had the opportunity to be influenced by British television and your schools.”

“I can only apologise for the educational standards in Malawi that have left him so obviously different to British children of the same age.”

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