Satire site pivots neatly from Leftist Communist Marxism to Conservative Right-Wing Fascism

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Moderately popular satire site NewsThump has been widely congratulated for its neat pivot from being a leftist Marxist publication to being a right-wing conservative publication that supports fascists.

Just hours after the new Labour government was installed on Friday, NewsThump wasted no time in mocking the new regime, leaving many to insist they must now be fascists who love Reform UK.

Reader Derek Matthews told us, “The only possible explanation for a satire site mocking a centre-left government is because they themselves are right-wing conservatives who probably support fascism. They’ve clearly been waiting fourteen years to reveal their true selves.

“The alternative is that as people who write jokes about the news, it was always going to be the case that they would mock the government of the day – but that conclusion would require a level of nuanced understanding of which I am simply incapable.

“I am expecting them to soon be making jokes about trans people identifying as attack helicopters and asylum seekers living in mansions.

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“It is clearly the obvious next logical step in their evolution.”

Meanwhile, non-morons have reacted to jokes about the new government with a polite shrug of their shoulders, and the words, “of course”.

NewsThump reader Simon Williams told us, “I get it. Anyone who makes jokes about the news is going to make jokes about the government of the day. It doesn’t mean they are ideologically aligned to the opposition, in the same way jokes about Boris Johnson didn’t mean they were ideologically aligned to Jeremy Corbyn.”

NewsThump spokesperson Andy Matthews told us, “We are grateful to the thousands of well-informed intelligent readers who clearly ‘get it’, and who won’t have a hissy fit on the days when we make a joke about a thing they like.

“Unlike the low-information simpletons complaining in the comment threads below this article on social media.

“Who are all idiots, obviously.”

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