Summer festival wristband to last longer than summer festival relationship

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The wristbands worn by a couple who met at a festival last week will last longer than their relationship.

Simone Williams met this great, great guy at a festival last week and is confident that he might be the one.

However, the wristband she is still wearing as a memento of the weekend will be there long after she has discovered the truth and has started referring to him as ‘that bastard’ to her friends.

“I really like keeping my wristbands on all summer long – they remind me of the great times I’ve had and the people I’ve met,” she told us.

Especially the people I’ve met. This guy – Simon – he’s just perfect. We sat up drinking Koppaberg until four, staring at the stars and talking about our dreams and the places we’ll go. It was magical.

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“We’ve spoken every day since. Every time I look at my wristband, it’s him I think of. I think he could be it.

“Hang on, I’ve just had a text from him. I wonder what he’s got to say?”

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