Scottish FA demands UEFA change format of Euros so top four from each group qualify for knockout stage

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The Scottish FA has today called for UEFA to revise the European Championships so that the top four from each group qualify for the knockout stages.

After Scotland finished 4th in their group following a 1-0 defeat to Hungary, fans have demanded the Scottish FA take steps to ensure Scotland can get out of the group next time they qualify for a major tournament.

A Scottish FA spokesperson told us, “It’s not like there isn’t precedent here, UEFA has already changed the rules so that plenty of third-placed teams also reach the knockout phase, so how difficult would it be to tweak them a little further to ensure the fourth-placed team also gets through to the knockouts?

“It would be a huge boost to Scottish football knowing that finishing fourth in our group would mean safe passage to the knockout stages, especially as it doesn’t look like we’ll finish any higher than that any time soon.”

Meanwhile, fans have called on UEFA to review their ranking system to make it fairer for smaller countries.

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Tartan Army member Simon McWilliams told us, “We’re a country of 5 million people, so when we play Hungary who have a population twice the size of ours, we should be given a little extra help.  Maybe a 1-0 head start would be fair?

“It’s important to ensure that sport gives an equal chance for everyone, and they have handicapping in golf, so why not football?  Then we would get to the knockout stages no problem.”

However, McWilliams was defensive when it was pointed out that Croatia has a population even smaller than Scotland, and reached a World Cup final in 2018.

“Well, that’s different, isn’t it. Mainly because I don’t fucking hate Croatia.”

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