In the interests of speed, automatic Community Notes on all Tory election tweets will just say ‘this is probably a lie’

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The Conservative Party has become one of the most Community-Noted entities on Twitter, such that those involved in the programme are looking for creative ways to save time and money correcting them every time they post something during the current election campaign.

With the latest in a long line of Community Notes appearing on a tweet about Keir Starmer’s reluctance to debate Rishi Sunak, explaining that Starmer has, in fact, agreed to two TV debates, moves are afoot to automatically add a Community Note to every tweet published by the government until the 4th July.

Simon Williams, a spokesperson for the platform formally known as Twitter, told us, “Community Notes are an excellent way to tackle lies and misinformation – but the one major downside is that they take some time to appear, which means lies and misinformation can propagate quite far before we can act.

“As such, we have decided to automatically add a Community Note by default to the Tory Party’s Twitter account, that of Rishi Sunak, and every cabinet minister, in the interests of saving everyone some time.

“Every time they share one of their highly-partisan pieces of propaganda, it will simply say ‘This is probably a lie’ and then probably link to all of the other times we’ve had to correct them.

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“When we told them we were going to do it, they asked what they could do to prevent this step. We simply told them they’d have to stop telling lies.

“But apparently that’s ‘not an option in an election campaign’.”

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