University of Life announces all courses to be online Facebook memes and weird YouTube channels from September

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Students at the University of Life will be able to get all the education they need from Facebook memes and obscure YouTube channels from September, it has announced.

The decision to drop all practical and face-to-face tuition is not a surprise, as students who have attended the University of Life have rejected formal academic rigour in favour of stuff they read on a friend’s Facebook page for many years, and continue to repeatedly insist it’s not done them any harm.

The move follows several major academic institutions that moved online during the epidemic, although most other universities still provide contact with tutors possessing genuine credentials and a track record of academic success.

”At the University of Life, we believe students should do their own research, which in this instance involves watching YouTubers until you find one who agrees with you and then calling everyone else a stupid,” said Vice-Chancellor Simon Williams.

“And to meet the exacting standards demanded by our students, from September we’ll be making our Facebook memes even more attractive, and the made-up quotes on them will be attributed to even more famous people.

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“Unlike traditional universities who rely on small group tutorials in which students and academics debate the major issues associated with a given subject, we will instead be instructing our students to share YouTube clips of theories they agree with and to then call every dissenting voice a ‘sheep’.

“At the University of Life, we’re very proud that none of our students has ever read any of Dunning-Kruger’s research, but they’re all experts on it anyway.”

The first rule of Dunning Kruger Club is…