Ancestry test reveals woman distant descendent of Rylan Clark

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A Chelmsford woman was left stunned when an online ancestry test revealed the bombshell news that she was a very distant descendent of TV favourite Rylan Clark.

“I was shocked really, I really was. Shocked,” said Jackie Mesquite, who’d received a voucher for the ancestry test from her birthday.  

“I thought maybe I’d find out that one of my ancestors fought in the Battle of Waterloo, or helped invent yoghurt or something, but to find out that my great, great, great, great, great grandfather is actually Rylan Clark is absolutely incredible.”

The report revealed that a female ancestor of Jackie’s, one Alice Clark of Bermondsey was briefly married to Rylan Clark in 1724 before dying of consumption. They had a daughter who Rylan nobly brought up on his own, despite the difficulties of being an out gay man in Georgian London.

“I think that Rylan must have been really amazing, to bring up his daughter on his own like that,” continued an emotional Jackie.

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“I’m actually really proud to be one of his descendants. Really proud to think that, however small, I have some of Rylan Clark’s ancient DNA in me.”

However, a historian has urged Jackie to remember that the further back you trace your family tree, you are more likely to find someone famous.

“It’s likely that everyone in Britain is a distant descendent of Edward III,” explained Dr Ronnie Bumptious, of Oxford University.

“The nature of ancestry means that people’s descendants are cast far and wide so Rylan Clark, as a healthy man in the early 1700s could have several million descendants in Britain alone. Many people reading this will actually be a descendant of Rylan Clark.”

Jackie’s ancestry report also revealed she was a distant descendent of Jonathan Gullis, but she has decided to keep quiet about that, for obvious reasons.

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