17-year-old stuns neighbours by leaving original exhaust on car

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Baz Bazson from Kingston upon Hull has left his neighbours stunned by leaving the original exhaust on his 2006 Renault Clio.

The car was bought for him by his mother on his 17th birthday as a method of spurring him on to pass his driving test.

After passing, he saved up £300 for a new exhaust that was intended to replace the original.

In an interview, Bazson said, “I really liked the idea of an exhaust that sounds like Stacy Solomon’s laugh carefully blended with the screams of a slowly burning Alpaca.”

After a heavy night of drinking White Star cider, however, Bazson awoke having had an epiphany.

He said, “I woke up and it was like somebody had hit me in the brain with a sledgehammer.”

He added, “Something told me to take my mum out for a nice dinner and spend the remainder of the money on a short course at a local college to get my GCSE’s in Maths and English”.

Baz’s friends have shown concern over the decision.

Gaz Gazzerson, a friend of Baz said, “I replaced my exhaust, and although my girlfriend left me, the sound of a fart being forced through a penny whistle relaxes me every time I go for a drive. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Benjamin Farr, spokesman for ‘Stop Twats Driving’ (STD) campaign was in favour of the decision.

He said, “One less twat on the road is something Britain needs, Baz is setting a great example and other young people should take heed.”

Bazson eventually took his mum out to Wetherspoons for the “Thursday Curry Club” and is currently on track to receive a 5 in maths and a 6 in English Language.