Banksy has released a new mural in Finsbury Park, London. What do you think?

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Banksy has confirmed that he is behind a new artwork that appeared in north London on Sunday.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about the burning issue of the day. This is what you told us:

“It’s okay, I suppose. But I prefer my street graffiti to feature more rudimentary cocks and balls.”

‘Dutch’ Ovener, Cat Tamer

“It was green. And it was done on St Patrick’s Day. The man is clearly an IRA sympathiser. Lock him up.”
Derek Cheesewell, Balloon Stretcher

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“I don’t get the big deal. My granddaughter is only five, and she can already produce a far more convincing tree.”
‘Rudi’ Two-Shoes, Topiarist

“If it were my wall, I’d be furious. Right up until someone wanted to give me a million quid for it.”

Brenda Garnacho, U11’s Coach

“I’ll tell you how I feel about it as soon as someone explains it to me. But if it’s woke – and it probably is – then I hate it.”

Dave, just Dave, None-Of-Your-Bloody-Business

I don’t suppose he can come and paint my terraced house pink, could he? The council said I wasn’t allowed to do it, but I think this could work. I’ll pay for the paint and £250 for his labour.”

Victoria Snapper, Colourblind Designer

What do YOU think about Banksy’s new mural? Why not let us know in the comments of your preferred social media platform? Or you could just howl them into the void through the nearest open window, it’ll have much the same eff