GB News is not a ‘news channel’, but a ‘fatuous entertainment channel for slow-witted simpletons’ confirms Ofcom

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After a further five GB News programmes were found to have breached impartiality rules, broadcasting regulator Ofcom has insisted that no one in their right mind considers GB News a place where you can become genuinely better informed about current affairs.

With the GB News schedule now containing more sitting Tory MPs than many parliamentary debates, Ofcom was once again encouraged to take a look at the channel, given the broadcasting guidelines forbid MPs from presenting news programmes, or interviewing other MPs, on the grounds it could never be impartial.

However, Ofcom will not reprimand GB News for its latest rule breach, which follows previous breaches, including Lee Anderson interviewing Suella Braverman. A breach which forced the regulator into a fit of giggles by the description of the GB News channel as a provider of ‘news’.

Ofcom spokesperson, Simon Williams, told us, “Oh bless you, that’s given us a really good chuckle, thank you!

“The idea that people watch GB News, for, well ‘news‘, is completely hilarious. No one wakes up feeling the need to become better informed about an issue facing the nation and then settles on GB News as the place to find their intellectual enrichment. Literally nobody.

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“It’s obviously a great place for confirming your already stringently held and horrifically bigoted beliefs – but for getting actual news? God no.

“Everyone knows it’s nothing more than a billionaire’s loss-making propaganda tool disguised as an entertainment channel purely to glue simpletons to their televisions with thinly veiled attempts to portray right-wing politicians are the ‘good guys’ by demonising minorities and vulnerable groups.

“But unfortunately, that’s not illegal.

“Yes, we agree it should be illegal, but the people who could change that law are currently hosting prime-time shows on GB News, so we don’t see it happening any time soon.


I think, therefore I am (not a GB News viewer)