Labour suffers further crushing electoral defeat in Grange Comprehensive’s school council election

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Labour has suffered a second crushing defeat in 24 hours, after losing another election in which they didn’t field a candidate.

The vote for school council at the Grange Comprehensive in Daventry was hotly contested, with Labour failing to secure even a single vote in a further sign of the nations distrust of Keir Starmer.

“I voted for Jake Williams because he said he was going to make sure the Tuck shop had a wider range of crisps,” explained 14-year-old old Henry Matthews.

“It never even occurred to me to vote for Labour. Not least because they didn’t actually field a candidate, and this is a school council election for children.”

Meanwhile, Conservative supporters have predictably leapt at the opportunity to further deride Starmer’s Labour party after they lost the Rochdale by-election, in which they also did not field a candidate.

Tory voter Simon Williams told us, “This is a terrible night for Labour, and clearly shows that the coming general election is far from a forgone conclusion like the media are pretending.

“All we hear about is how Labour have this unassailable lead in the polls, yet both the Grange Comprehensive School and Rochdale constituency have illustrated that the people simply don’t trust Labour with their votes, especially when they don’t field candidates.

“Now, if we can just get them to not field a candidate in the other 649 constituencies, they’ll be toast!”

Always vote for the side with the fewest arseholes!