‘If you don’t like our laws you should get out of our country’, nation tells Lee Anderson

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Former Tory party deputy Chairman and future provincial pantomime villain Lee Anderson, has been told that if he doesn’t like the laws of this land, then he should go and live somewhere else.

The move comes after Anderson resigned as deputy party chairman following his support for an amendment to legislation that would allow the government to break the law and put asylum seekers on a plane to Rwanda, even though the Supreme Court has declared it illegal.

Although not charged with any crime, Anderson has been politely asked not to advocate breaking the law, as it will encouraging others to simply ignore the laws they don’t like.

Police spokesperson and rational human Simon Williams told reporters “Obviously I cannot comment too much on this because Lee Anderson is not a suspect and he has not been charged with a crime, but we’ve had our eyes on this odious toad for quite a while now, and this is not the first time he’s had a run-in with the people who make our laws.

“I don’t want to sound unwelcoming or prejudiced, but I’ve always believed that if you are going to enjoy all the benefits of living in this country then you should be willing to obey the laws of the land. Even the ones you don’t like. That’s how a civilised society works.

“However, if you are not going to try and contribute to the society in which you live, and instead want to go around causing trouble for people less fortunate than you, well, you know where the airports are.”

Supporters of Lee Anderson have agreed with the MP that laws you don’t like should be ignored. As one told us, “We should send them back on a plane right now, it’s a bad law and we should ignore it.

“Just like the one about shoplifting, that’s total bullshit too.”

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