Man who hates the concept of self-identification insists Rwanda should be able to self-identify as ‘safe’

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Lee Anderson has resigned as deputy chairman of the Conservative party after he was thwarted in his attempts to let Rwanda self-identify as a safe country, despite his staunch belief that self-identification for transgender individuals is ‘absurd’ .

His controversial stance comes amidst continued government plans to send asylum seekers to the African nation, a move Anderson fully supports.

“Self-identification is clearly absurd,” explained Anderson.

“You can’t just wake up one day and decide you’re something you’re demonstrably not,” he went on, sipping from his ‘World’s Best MP’ mug – a title self-awarded despite his constituents having a rather different opinion.

However, when it comes to Rwanda’s status as a safe haven for refugees and asylum seekers, Anderson’s views take a sharp turn.

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He explained, “Well, that’s completely different, isn’t it. Rwanda says it’s safe, so it must be true. We should respect their wish to be identified as a safe country.

“We should all just take their word for it and start treating them like the safe country they claim to be.

“We should ignore the numerous international human rights reports and the complicated history of the region with regard to persecuted minorities – what’s important is they themselves identify as safe.”

Critics have pointed out the glaring inconsistency in Anderson’s belief system.

Dr Simon Williams, a sociologist specialising in political cognitive dissonance, explained, “It’s fascinating how he can’t extend the same logic to the identities of transgender individuals.

“It’s almost as if his opinions aren’t actually based on reason or empathy, but rather on whatever is most convenient for his worldview at any given moment.

“At this point, it appears the only thing he hates more than self-identification, is self-awareness.”