Tory voter who insists ‘not all Tories are bullying deviants’ still strangely keen to blame ‘all Palestinians for Hamas’

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After yet ANOTHER Tory MP was suspended on suspicion of sexual offences, one Tory voter has felt compelled to insist ‘not all Tories’ are a danger to women, despite spending the last week blaming ‘all Palestinians’ in the aftermath of the Hamas terror attacks.

As news broke of a six-week suspension from Parliament Tory MP Peter Bone, following allegations of bullying and sexual misconduct going back a decade, Tory supporter Simon Williams has strangely taken the news quite personally.

He told us, “If this is true, then it’s awful what happened here, but we have to remember that not all Tories commit sexual offences against other people, and that not all Tories are Bullies. It’s really unfair to tarnish us all with the same brush. That’s not how we stay safe.

“Just because a few Tories have done some truly awful things, doesn’t mean the rest of us are bad, or are going to do bad things in the future.  In fact, the vast majority of Tories are absolutely no threat to you whatsoever, and certainly not planning to sexually assault anyone. And that includes me.”

However, a quick look at his social media history showed that after the Hamas attacks in Israel last week, he wrote, “It’s tragic what has happened in Israel, but we have to remember that it’s always Palestinians doing this, and it’s actually perfectly logical to tarnish them all with the same brush. It’s how we stay safe.

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“A few Palestinian Muslims doing bad things obviously means it’s safer to assume the rest of them are bad, or are going to do bad things.  In fact, the vast majority of them are probably terrorists busy planning terrorist atrocities. Including the ones that live up the road.”

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