Israel is preparing a ground offensive in retaliation for the recent Hamas attack. What do you think?

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The Israeli government has told residents of northern Gaza they have 24 hours to evacuate ahead of their planned offensive against Hamas.

We sent out reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about the burning issue of the day. This is what you you told us.

“I think it will be effective. When my parents were trying to get me to leave home, they told me I had 24 hours or they would throw a live grenade into my room while I slept. It worked.”

Mike Mickelmackson, Indoor Roofer

“It’s not enough time. When my friends and I try to arrange a night out we generally need several weeks of notice.”
Wayne Enterprise, Ear waxer

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I think the Israeli government should write some parenting handbooks. The chapter on blowing up babies that don’t do as they’re told would be a useful reference for parents of errant children.
Marcus Shoehorn, Librarian’s hairstylist

“After the horrific attacks on Israelis, those Hamas terrorists deserve everything that’s coming to them. And so do all the children that happen to live anywhere near to them.”

Deidre Matthews, Plasterer

“I guess literal war crimes are okay these days as long as you’re really angry when you’re committing them.”

Ron, just Ron, None Of Your Business

“As someone with undiagnosed psychopathic tendencies, I’m kind of intrigued to see how killing innocent children in retaliation for the death of some innocent children plays out.”

Sharon Jupiter, Nursery Assistant

What do YOU think about Israels planned ground assault? Why not let us know in the comments of your preferred social media platform? Or you could just howl them into the void through the nearest open window, it’ll have much the same effect

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