Wandsworth Prison bosses defend decision to choose Cape Fear for last week’s prison movie night

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Bosses at Wandsworth Prison have defended their decision to choose Cape Fear for last week’s prison movie-night, it has been revealed today.

With terror suspect Daniel Khalife still at large after strapping himself to the underside of a van in order to make his escape, bosses at Wandsworth Prison have today defended their decision to choose nineties thriller Cape Fear and Escape From Alcatraz as this week’s prison movies.

A spokesperson for the prison declared “They are both great films! And definitely won’t have given anyone any ideas.

“No, I have no idea what you are talking about.

“Okay, granted there may have been one small scene in Cape Fear where something similar happened regarding strapping yourself to the underside of a vehicle.

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“But I don’t think that will have given him any ideas, it’s just pure coincidence that he did the exact same thing.

“And I SUPPOSE Escape from Alcatraz is loosely based around some sort of prison escape kind of, but again, I can’t see much of a connection.”

Asked if it might be wise to show the prisoners a television series rather than a film which could give them bad ideas, we were told, “Ooooh yes, great idea! Have you seen Prison Break?”

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