Woke mob still demanding everyone use new pronouns in national anthem

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Twelve months on from the death of Queen Elizabeth, so-called “progressives” are still insisting everyone change the pronouns for our national anthem in the latest in a series of outrages against common sense and traditional values.

As if the obscene privilege of being allowed to live freely under their own identity was not enough, woke terrorists are demanding that our time-honoured patriotic hymn adopt “he/him” pronouns and masculine titles, in defiance of seventy years of tradition.

“It was bad enough when that singer or actor who I never heard of decided to be a they/them, or something, but this is taking things TOO far,” said local patriot Simon Williams, whilst affixing a large plastic poppy to his van in September.

“Our special song is about a bird and you can’t change that just because some numpty with a gender studies degree got ‘offended’. Simple as. End of. FACT.”

When approached for comment on this affront to biological reality, Head Of Royal Protocol Jemima Fotheringham-Smythe tellingly responded, “What on Earth are you blathering on about?

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“Surely you cannot be serious. Please, leave me alone, I am extremely busy at the moment.”

Woke – the REAL definition – get it here.