Man’s feet and legs just about visible beneath massive vape cloud

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A friend of yours who has taken up vaping e-cigarettes can now only be identified by the sight of his legs and feet protruding from underneath a cloud of vapour.

Your mate, who used to smoke forty Benson and Hedges per day before taking up vaping, is so regularly engulfed in a sweet-smelling cloud that he now more often than not resembles a toddler’s drawing of a typical fluffy cloud but with legs.

“Oh yeah, vaping is so much better for me than smoking,” a voice emanating from deep within the cloud told us.

“My lungs feel great, and of course I there is the added benefit of smelling like strawberry and vanilla ice cream all day long. Which is in no way inappropriate for a 35-year-old man.”

The voice added, “One slight downside is that I can’t actually see where I’m going when I’m walking down the road or driving my car, but at least my body will be entirely healthy as I crash it headfirst into a lamppost at forty miles per hour.”

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A lack of visibility isn’t the only potential side effect of your mate’s massive vaping cloud; some have warned that there is a real danger it could turn into rain.

Meteorologist Christopher James explained, “A vape cloud is exactly that – a cloud. And when clouds get dense enough and heavy enough they tend to empty themselves in the form of rain.

“And this guy is now about three or four puffs away from creating his own weather system.”

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