Harry Maguire called up to England squad after a string of impressive club performances in 2019

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Harry Maguire has been called up to the England squad, again, after a string of impressive performances for his club, in 2019.

With England hosting Ukraine and Scotland in September, manager Gareth Southgate has immediately installed Maguire into the squad ahead of any other defender who is actually getting picked for their club due a brilliant clearance he did for Manchester United in November 2019.

Speaking earlier, manager Southgate confirmed “Harry Maguire is in there, definitely. First pick for me.

“I have named my squad to play in the upcoming games in September and obviously I have picked Harry Maguire, again, because he had a few good games once.

“Obviously this was a long time ago, as far back as 2019, I think, but they were really decent performances, so I think I’m going to stick with him.

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“I remember a really good header he did from a corner, and that is exactly what we need in the team, a player who is in form.

“And he was in great form back then, when he actually played, and also wasn’t, you know, the player he is now.”

Asked if he could remember who he was playing against when he made the great clearance we were told “Actually thinking back, he’d gone up for a corner at the other end and missed an absolute sitter, over the bar. But still, great defending.”

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