Woman who finished email with “no worries if not” actually very worried if not

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A lady in her thirties who asked for something in an email and ended it with ‘no worries if not’ was lying, it has emerged.

Thirty-five year old Eleanor Gay, a freelance writer from Canterbury, sent an email yesterday to the editor of a newspaper in which some of her work was published, asking for payment.

She told us, “It’s been well over a year since my article – which spanned six pages and was the product of several months of research – was published by the newspaper in question, but I have yet to be paid.

“In the email, I tried to be assertive in order to achieve my aim of getting paid, but somehow I ended up starting off with ‘I’m so sorry to bother you’, then asking ‘if you could find a minute to pay me the amount that you owe me that would be great’, before closing with ‘no worries if not, though’ followed by an unnecessary exclamation mark, a laughing emoji and then another apology.”

She went on, “But truth be told, I AM worried, as having money is pretty crucial to paying the bills.

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“I know that I need to be more confident, self-assured and assertive when it comes to things like this, so if anyone knows of any courses or materials that would help me with this, then please do get in touch and send them my way.

“No worries, if not, though.”

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