GB News to lure new advertisers with promise of a presenter-led boycott of their brand if they ever choose to stop advertising

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GB News is launching an innovative new campaign to attract advertisers with the promise of putting their brands in front of a growing but gullible audience, with the added bonus of a presenter-led boycott if they should ever choose to stop advertising on the channel.

With coffee maker Grind the latest to secure a public call for their cancellation by GB News presenters and viewers for having the temerity to stop advertising on the channel, executives have decided to make it a core part of their pitch.

Simon Williams told us, “We can get your brand front and centre in front of thousands of credulous simpletons just waiting to be separated from their money. And as if that wasn’t enough, on top of that, if you ever choose to stop advertising with us, then we can make you go viral on social media as part of a present-led boycott of your brand.

“Your brand will have its own hashtag, and it will be shared widely by some of our most well-known presenters, such as Lawrence Fox.

“We’re becoming a bit like the Scientologists of the media world. We are extremely welcoming on the way in, and we make it sound totally amazing to be part of our family.

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“But leaving us? Absolutely not. That can not, and will not, EVER happen.

“We will destroy you before we let that happen.

“So, how much airtime would you like to buy?”

I think, therefore, I am (not a GB News viewer) – get your mug here!

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